Welcome at this special place on the web, you find yourself at a site that is dedicated to Honda (engines), especially the D-series engines. Iā€™m trying to build a valuable source of information for people who need help with wiring, engine setup and other stuff about setting up your car that might be interesting.

This site features many articles about swaps and information considering D-series, but not exlusively. The information is based mostly on my own work on cars, especially my D14A3 and B16B engines that I have had for years. Hard to get information is what I like to share. If you have a Honda wiring question, but can’t get your hands on the information or doubt the information you have, try me. I am glad to help out, or at least try.

Reading advice:
Most links in the menu do not tell you exactly what contents are inside a page. Moreover everybody has different projects, with differing questions or goals. It is always a good idea to look inside pages that show titles similar to your needs. Maybe the information is applicable to your engine as well. Reading is the key.

Please understand that this site is always under construction, so errors might occur. Always use common sense and make sure you understand your own setup.

I want to thank all people that visit my site and email me regularly for there support. It keeps giving me the push forward to update this site and get it up to some priority again.

Dodo Bizar

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I’ll see if I can help. Since the Honda City is pretty unknown here can you send me some pictures of the ECU and its connectors? Than I hope I can dial in on the exact pinout as good as I can. I guess it will be an OBD2b layout.

Please check my updated OBD1 and SFi pinout pages. Are there any pinouts that match the City 2001? The car is not known in this region, the closest thing we have is probably the Honda Logo platform-wise. From what I can deduct from the internet I guess it is similar to the SFi type of engines here. (Actually when I search for City pinouts I get my own SFi pinouts showing up a lot, sometimes even with the watermark cut-off… )

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