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Hi you poor lost soul browsing the internet for some information about wiring, pinouts or what do I know kind of probably Honda related engine know-how you are looking for. This website has been a very old relic on the internet with some very specific information on especially D14 engines.

Due to personal reasons in the line of work/family/business I stopped updating this website in 2013. Actually thought of taking it down for some years, but some friends of mine told me not to (you know who you are if you read this). Recently my interest (and spare time) started to increase again to update this website.

So here we are at a new start. Right now the technique behind the scenes is being updated. Suddenly there is a cookie warning, I am analysing traffic (actually I am incredible surprised by how well this website has been visited over the last years, also reason for my renewed interest).

The forum has been pretty dead as they seem to be everywhere on the internet. I will keep it up still since there is useful info and some people still log in from time to time. Hopefully the blog style of this new website will trigger the right kind of interaction (and not just thousands of spambots).

For now the conversion has started. Enjoy reading and let me know what you think.


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Thx for not taking it down, the information on the website is still is very relevant!

I have succesfully swapped my inlet manifold and used your pinouts for wiring in a standalone ecu (speeduino).

Great to hear! Thnx for sharing your feedback Christiaan. I’ll make sure some more info will get onto this website regarding wiring in the coming months.

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