SFi pinouts refreshed

In the same spirit as the OBD1 pinouts the SFi pinouts have been refreshed and updated. And I added the pinouts for D14A7, D14A8 and D16B2 as well which is really a hybrid between ‘normal’ OBD1 and the 2 connector system found in the EJ9. The evolution can clearly be seen going through the pinouts chronologically.


OBD1 pinouts refreshed

The pinouts on the OBD1 pinout page have been refreshed. More functions have been added and clarified to what I call the ‘comprehensive generel OBD1 ECU pinout’. Also the pinout used in MA/MB Civic which is provided. I consider this one to be OBD1 due to the ECU connectors and layout used although the car is probably more OBD2 in fact. Basically this means B18C4 and the IAB ECU pins are finally listed on this website.



NSX Pinout

After reworking this website last summer I made a list of all articles and pinouts I’d love to see here to make it more complete. One of those things was to work out (a) pinout of the car we all want but so little of us will ever be able to afford. The classic NSX. Years ago I got my hands on a workshop manual (hey if I can’t afford the car at least I can try to get the manual). For me it was a lot of fun and learning to work out and hopefully it will have some merit to somebody strawling over the internet. I included the F-connector pinout as well which seems to be missing in most places were the pinout is displayed.

I am not expecting much feedback or views on the pinout since it is a rare engine for most of us. But hey, surprise me. Here you can find the pinout.

Photo copyright Carbuzz.




It took ages, but today, 12 years after my latest proper tune, after having driven the engine over 409.000 km and having sorted out a list of small issues (wheel bearings, alternator bearing, welded exhaust manifold) it finally happened… my D14 VTEC saw a decent retune!

With many thanks to Antilag Performance and Speed Centre Geldermalsen and especially Sylvester and Bert.

Lets start with the results, almost 141 bhp (@7200) and 143 Nm (@6300) from this little 1.4l engine! And as I will reveal later on, the physical engine didn’t reveal any aging or wearing. Differences with 2008 are merely setup, especially the fact that I am starting to be an old geezer who just wants his car to be emmisions legal 365 days a year. So this time the tune was done with catalytic converter in place.

Green, first run of the day with DB killer. Red, after tune without DB killer. Blue, going home with the DB killer installed again.

The three lines show how I entered Speed Centre and how I eventually left after retuning with two options. With or without the DB killer (SRS G35 end). I entered with a mapping based on decat, in my experience there is always a big difference in the optimum maps between cat and no-cat setups. This was no difference. So in the end we compared the DB killer and it clearly shows an increasing loss at higher rpms up to 3 hp.

Sylvester at the wheel and buttons.

Another comparison I could make was the difference between the tune in 2008 without catalytic converter and now since I did that at the same location. The engine pulls better in low revs with the catalytic converter but looses out in the top end as expected.

Comparison decat 2008 and cat setup 2012.

Notice though that the weather was really different during those runs, but still a nice comparison. Happy to see that the D14 still seems strong as ever and that a 100 bhp/liter is possible even with catalytic converter.

Now the question is what will I do next with my setup, I have no idea. I drive it as a daily and enjoy it as it is. For drive-ability I am looking to going turbo, for coolness I am considering getting to 150 bhp NA, but the latter will require headwork and a better exhaust manifolf design is my guess. We’ll see…

Thanks to Bert from Speed Centre for his time and dyno and thanks to Sylvester from Antilag Performance for tuning and having to spend way more hours than intended with me. And thanks to the Antilag Performance family who I unintend got to meet!

Fun facts:
– VTEC switchover is 6000 rpm
– Non VTEC lobes were by themselves doing 133 bhp without DB killer

-Stock D14A3 bottom
-Simota Aeroform Intake
-8″ K&N filter
-Skunk2 70 mm throttle body
-Skunk2 Intake manifold
-Password:JDM heatshield
-D16Y8 head stock (estimated CR 9.5)
-Skunk2 stage 1 D16Z6 cam (springs and retainers)
-Megan Cam Gear
-D16Z6 cam train and distributor (custom fix to D16Y8 head)
-JCP exhaust header 4-2-1
-Stock catalytic converter
-SRS G35 exhaust system, mid and end



Continuation of

Hi you poor lost soul browsing the internet for some information about wiring, pinouts or what do I know kind of probably Honda related engine know-how you are looking for. This website has been a very old relic on the internet with some very specific information on especially D14 engines.

Due to personal reasons in the line of work/family/business I stopped updating this website in 2013. Actually thought of taking it down for some years, but some friends of mine told me not to (you know who you are if you read this). Recently my interest (and spare time) started to increase again to update this website.

So here we are at a new start. Right now the technique behind the scenes is being updated. Suddenly there is a cookie warning, I am analysing traffic (actually I am incredible surprised by how well this website has been visited over the last years, also reason for my renewed interest).

The forum has been pretty dead as they seem to be everywhere on the internet. I will keep it up still since there is useful info and some people still log in from time to time. Hopefully the blog style of this new website will trigger the right kind of interaction (and not just thousands of spambots).

For now the conversion has started. Enjoy reading and let me know what you think.