ECU Pinouts

I have gathered some ECU pinouts over the past years which I like to share with you. The first PGMFi models starting from late 80’s to early 90’s typically have OBD0 ECU’s, the mid 90’s models feature OBD1 ECU’s and late 90’s came the OBD2a followed by similar style, but differently pinned OBD2b ECU’s.

If you have any questions are requests regarding pinout information (not persee limited to ECU connectors), leave a message here. I see if I can be of any help.

  • OBD0 4th gen Civic, 2nd gen CRX (typically ED / EE chassis codes)
  • OBD1 5th gen Civic, 3rd gen CRX (typically EG chassis codes, but also EJ1 and EJ2)
  • OBD1 V6 1th gen NSX (and similarities with Legends from that era)
  • SFi, a sort of OBD2a but not wat everybody is used to, found on 6 th gen EU Civic, but also on others outside North America (EJ9)
  • OBD2a, found in the early 6th gen Civic (EK pre facelift)
  • OBD2b, ound in the later 6th gen Civic (EK facelift)

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