Privacy Policy

Cookies ‘n stuff

Yeah, it’s a gorgeous thing this cookie law. Especially the GPDR in Europe. First of all this website is build in WordPress and both the main WP install itself and the plugins do not seem to provide you as a visitor to opt out any cookies. Furthermore I do need to track traffic and try to set up some advertisement income (although the latter is not implemented yet). so expect some cookies from those items. Although the plugins I use do not specifically state to me, as website owner/builder that they use cookies (but I am damn pretty sure they do).

Basically, the only thing you can do is click on the accept all cookies or click not to… I think it doesn’t really matter at all what you click. So…. either do not visit my website or use an anonymous browsing option if you don’t want me spying on your behaviour. (Did you just check the city-me swap or just checkout some pinouts? Hmmmm… interesting what you did there.)

So the best thing I can do is tell you which things I got on this website that might leave cookies.

Tracking is done by my website host and by Google Analytics and Search Console. I expect all of them to leave some form of cookies.

The forum and comment options on this website leave some cookies for obvious reasons. To track who you are and leave you logged in.

Right now this website is non-commercial. I make no income from it other than the occasional helping hand I lend which rarely provides me with some euros. But I do plan to commercialize this website in the near future most probably using Google Ads. If you see those expect some cookies from there as well.

Well, that’s basically it. There are some cookies. Eat them your way.