NSX Pinout

After reworking this website last summer I made a list of all articles and pinouts I’d love to see here to make it more complete. One of those things was to work out (a) pinout of the car we all want but so little of us will ever be able to afford. The classic NSX. Years ago I got my hands on a workshop manual (hey if I can’t afford the car at least I can try to get the manual). For me it was a lot of fun and learning to work out and hopefully it will have some merit to somebody strawling over the internet. I included the F-connector pinout as well which seems to be missing in most places were the pinout is displayed.

I am not expecting much feedback or views on the pinout since it is a rare engine for most of us. But hey, surprise me. Here you can find the pinout.

Photo copyright Carbuzz.


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